5 DIY Dog Crate Cover Ideas To Enhance Your and Your Dog’s Home


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You love your dog, and you want them to have a safe space that is all their own—a place where they can relax while company visits or serve as their bed at night. Metal crates are what most of us dog lovers use, but they aren’t exactly attractive. The bigger the metal crate, the bigger the eye sore and the inconvenience. If you are short on space or hate having an ugly metal kennel in your home, consider a DIY dog crate cover table.

We will cover the factors to consider and five different types of dog crate cover tables:

Crate covers come in many shapes and sizes, from fabric slipcovers to full-size dog crate side tables. You could find great options online, but making your own allows you to customize the fit and design while saving a lot of money. Nice, decorative dog crates can cost hundreds of dollars, whereas building your own will only cost you the price of supplies and time.

Things to consider before you start building your dog crate cover:

  1. The size of your dog. This will determine the size of its crate and, therefore, the size of the cover—the larger the crate, the fewer options you’ll have regarding placement and design.
  2. How is your crate designed? You need to know where your dog enters and exits the crate, the placement of the hinges, and the type of lock. Some crates have two openings. If yours is one of those, you’ll want to decide whether or not to keep both openings accessible.
  3. Where do you plan to put it? Once you know the crate’s size, you can plan where it will best fit into your home. Will it be a side table, TV stand, add-on to your desk, or something else?
  4. What skills and supplies do you have? Use what you have available first! Then buy more as needed.
  5. What design elements are going to work best? Do you want the crate completely covered to create a more intimate space for your pup? Do you want the top raised slightly or the table elongated to fit your desired space better?

Once you have considered everything and have a general idea of what you want to create, you can start planning the DIY project.

Stay safe by:

  1. Making sure you know how to use all the necessary tools safely! If you have no experience using a saw, have your wood pre-cut for you at the hardware store.
  2. Check and double-check that the doors to the crate are not impaired in any way. Give yourself space around the hinges, locks, and door edges.
  3. Test the durability of your crate before you place anything heavy on top.
  4. Remember that your dog will be inside that crate. So, make sure it is sturdy and comfortable.

You have a lot of crate cover options. We’ve compiled some of our favorites that fit various skill levels and design preferences. Hopefully, they will inspire and guide your DIY project.

Our Top 5 DIY Dog Crate Cover Tables

diy dog crate cover table

1 – Simple Dog Crate Table

Difficulty level: Easy


If you are looking for a quick and easy way to convert your dog’s crate into a table, all you really need is a tabletop. The wire crate is built to withstand a rowdy dog which means it is strong enough to hold a tabletop and a few items if necessary.

All you need to do is measure to the top of your dog’s crate, then buy a slab of wood that fits on top. Ikea has a lot of pre-cut options, many of which are very lightweight, which is great.

You could also head to your local hardware store and have them cut you a piece of wood to your preferred size. Feel free to customize the tabletop however you like. Just don’t forget to sand the wood before you paint or stain it.

Lastly, you’ll want to secure the tabletop to your dog’s crate to prevent it from sliding around. An excellent way to do that is with U-brackets.

diy dog crate cover table

2 – Side Table Crate Cover

Difficulty level: Easy


  • Plywood or Ikea tabletop
  • Table legs
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint/wood stain
  • Paintbrushes

Do you love the idea of converting your dog’s crate into a table but want something more substantial or attractive than simply putting a tabletop on the crate itself? Well, all you need to do is add legs!

Instead of using U-brackets to directly attach the tabletop to your dog’s crate, buy a set of table legs and screw them into the four corners. Corner legs are ideal because they fit nicely around the corners of the dog crate, allowing for a snug fit and seamless appearance.

Note: Make sure you take into account the legs when you decide what size your tabletop should be.

dog crate end table

3 – Fabric Slipcover for Dog Crate

Difficulty level: easy-ish (depending on your sewing abilities)


  • your choice of fabric
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • measuring tape
  • scissors.

Fabric crate covers are a great way to create privacy for your dog, reducing their anxiety while camouflaging the crate’s ugly metal. You can buy one on Amazon or at your local pet store if you want to save time. However, making one allows you to customize the design and fit while saving some money.

You don’t need to be an experienced seamstress to make a crate cover; just a sewing machine and a little patience. We found an easy-to-follow video tutorial for those of you wanting to give it a shot.

diy dog crate slipcover tables

4 – Built-In Dog Crate End Table

Difficulty level: medium – hard


  • 12 pieces of 1×2 boards for the frame
  • Plywood for the tabletop
  • Saw, hammer
  • Long and short nails (screws and a drill are better if you have them)
  • Wood glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint/wood stain
  • Paint brushes

One of the most attractive ways to blend your dog’s crate into your home decor is with a proper end-table design. It is more than just a tabletop; it’s a proper piece of furniture that you can use as a nightstand, side table, end table, coffee table, or whatever your heart desires.

If you’ve put together furniture from Ikea, you can construct this dog crate cover. It is more complicated than the other options on this list but still manageable for beginners. Just take your time, double-check your measurements, and don’t be afraid to figure it out as you go. We found this easy-to-follow step-by-step video guide to help you out.

diy dog crate table cover

5 – Converted Cabinet or TV Stand Dog Crate

Difficulty level: Easy – Medium


  • Large cabinet or TV stand without shelves
  • Lattice or strong mesh panels
  • Appropriate adhesive (the type depends on your cabinet’s material)

If you have a small dog and want to create a secure kennel for them that blends perfectly into your home decor, then converting a cabinet or TV stand is a great option. You can convert one from IKEA if you don’t have one already. The only requirements are that it has an open space large enough for your dog to stand and move around comfortably and is made of wood or metal. No cardboard!

You will need to remove the front doors and replace them with strong mesh or lattice panels. The method will depend on the cabinet itself, so sadly, we can’t guide you much more than reminding you that you’ll need an entrance and a lock.

diy dog crate cover table

In our experience

With any of these dog crate covers; your precious pup can comfortably rejoin their favorite people. Whether they are sleeping in the TV stand in the living room or the bedside table in your bedroom, they now can have a place with you that isn’t an eye sore.

Or, if you’re looking to create a safe and comfortable outdoor space for your doggo, consider modifying your DIY dog crate for exterior use in one of these dog patio ideas!

No more compromising style for function! You can integrate most of your dog’s accessories and equipment into your home decor, even a DIY dog grooming station! And if you love to DIY, and your pup needs a doggo ramp, try out a DIY dog ramp for outdoor stairs.

Which of these DIY dog crate cover designs do you plan to use? Feel free to leave us a comment and let us know how it goes.

diy dog crate table ideas

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to Dog Life Mag at no cost to you if you decide to purchase the product or service. You can read our full affiliate disclosure in our privacy policyThis site is not intended to provide financial advice or replace your veterinarian’s recommendations and is for entertainment only. Please check with your veterinarian first before giving your pet any medication, treatment, or new foods and we recommend following your veterinarian’s recommendations. 

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