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Are you planning to adopt a puppy or rescue dog? Do you have a name picked yet?

Try our dog name generator to select a name for your new pet!

Search our database to find dog names that are classic or traditional dog names, adorable and cute dog names, sophisticated and elegant dog names, friendly dog names, playful and funny dog names, general dog names, international dog names, sporty dog names, tough dog names, and modern or trendy dog names.

In addition to searching for the perfect dog name based on tone (or name style), you can now search for dog names with different themes such as:
– nature or outdoorsy dog names
– bookish or literary dog names
– movie dog names
– tv dog names
– mythological dog names
– fantasy dog names
– comics dog names
– time-period or historical dog names
– drink and food dog names
– travel or geographical dog names
– musical dog names
– color and pattern dog names
– tech and sci-fi dog names
– biblical dog names
– sports dog names
– and nerdy or geeky dog names

How To Use the Dog Name Generator:

1) Select if the dog name will be for a male or female dog.

2) Next, select the dog name ‘tone’ (aka style) by selecting one or more tones. The more tones you select, the more names will be generated.

3) You also have the option to select one or more themes (not required). Selecting a theme will decrease the number of dog names generated because it will filter out the dog names that do not meet that ‘theme’ from within your selected ‘tone’ category. 

4) Lastly, click Generate Dog Names button and we’ll generate a list of options to help you select the perfect dog name!

Dog Name Search Tip: You can also select the gender and the dog name ‘theme’ (leaving the ‘tone’ selection empty) to pull up all dog names for each theme!

Dog Name Generator Fields:

Definitions of dog name “tones”:

Classic: Timeless and traditional names that have stood the test of time.
Cute: Adorable and endearing names that evoke a sense of sweetness.
Elegant: Sophisticated and refined names with a touch of class.
Friendly: Approachable and warm names that convey a sense of friendliness.
Playful: Lively and fun names that capture a spirit of playfulness.
General: Versatile and neutral names suitable for a wide range of dogs.
International: Names from various cultures and languages, adding a global flair.
Sporty: Energetic and active names that align with a sporty lifestyle.
Tough: Strong and resilient names that exude a sense of strength.
Trendy: Fashionable and up-to-date names that reflect current trends.

Definitions of dog name “themes”:

Nature: Names inspired by elements of the natural world, such as plants, animals, and landscapes.
Literary: Names drawn from famous books, authors, and characters in literature.
Movie: Names referencing iconic movie titles, characters, or themes from the world of cinema.
TV: Names inspired by beloved television shows, characters, or pop culture references.
Mythological: Names rooted in myths, legends, and folklore from various cultures.
Comics: Names paying homage to comic books, superheroes, and graphic novel characters.
Historical: Names that reflect significant figures, eras, or events from history.
Food: Names inspired by delicious edibles and culinary delights.
Geographical: Names associated with places, cities, countries, or geographical features.
Musical: Names linked to music, instruments, artists, or musical terms.
Color/Pattern: Names based on colors, patterns, or artistic visual elements.
Tech/Sci-Fi: Names with a futuristic, technological, or science fiction influence.
Biblical: Names derived from religious scriptures, figures, or concepts.
Sports: Names inspired by sports, athletes, teams, and athletic terminology.
Nerdy: Names that embrace geek culture, science, technology, and intellectual interests.

Dog Name Generator

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Dog Names Generated:

10 Tips to Choose the Perfect Dog Name

Do you need help choosing a dog name for your new puppy or dog? With so many dog name options out there, it can be a challenge figuring out which name will be THE ONE for your dog.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help! First use our dog name generator to narrow down the dog name options. Then use the below variables to filter down your list of dog names further.

  1. Personality Match: What’s your dog’s personality? Are they energetic or more laid-back and ‘chill’? Use our dog name ‘tones’ and ‘themes’ to find a dog name that matches your dog’s personality.
  2. Breed Charactersitics: What’s your dog’s breed? Look up things like the history of your dog’s breed and consider factors like breed temperament and appearance to help choose a dog name that fits their breed.
  3. Keep It Simple: A good rule of thumb is to opt for a name that will be easy to pronounce be clearly understood by your dog and others. 
  4. Avoid Confusion: Don’t pick a name that sounds too similar to dog traning commands such as “sit” or “stay”.
  5. Length Matters: A shorter name with one or two syllables will be easier to use to get your dog’s attention and give commands. If you pick a longer dog name, you can always come up with an abbreviated, version of it (nickname).
  6. Positive Association: You can also opt to choose a name that fosters positive feelings and associations, if this fits you and your dog’s personality, to help created a strong bond between you and your furry friend.
  7. Try It Out: Before you go all in, test out a few names by calling it out loud to make sure it flows well and feels easy to say repeatedly.
  8. Family Involvement: Do involve other family members in your decision, it can be a great way to include all family members in the process so they feel a stronger connection to your new puppy.
  9. Theme and Tone: Brainstorm the different name styles or tones and any specific dog name themes that should be part of the decision-making process. Are you and your family more traditional? Than try a classic or general name tone and/or an old-fashioned dog name theme.
  10. Timeless Appeal: Trends do come and go, so consider choosing a classic, timeless name that will age well with your doggo!

The most important part about choosing your new dog’s name is that you and your dog love it. Enjoy the process in finding a name that perfectly captures your new furry friend’s essence! 

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