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What to get for a new puppy or adopted dog?

new dog owner checklist

Are you planning to adopt a puppy or rescue dog? Do you have a date set to bring your new puppy home? Are you wondering what to get for a new puppy and how to puppy proof your home when your new dog arrives?

You might be asking, “New puppy, what do I need?”

Free Guide for New Dog Owners

Download our free guide on how to puppy proof your home. We help you brainstorm what items to store out of reach and potential choking hazards for new dogs, including a to-do list of appointments to make and dog owner registrations you might need to get before you bring your new dog home.

What to Get for a New Puppy Checklist

Our guide comes with a free checklist of essentials that are categorized and prioritized by safety, health, food, grooming and play time.

Download our simple, free guide to learn:

  • How to puppy proof your home
  • What to get for a new puppy or adopted dog
  • Safety essentials to have for your new dog
  • Steps to take to ensure your new dog's safety
  • Grooming supplies to have on hand
  • Food and feeding essentials for a new dog
  • Actions to take before bringing your new dog home
  • Toy recommendations to entertain your new dog
Get "Checklist & Guide For New Dog Owners"

Download our "Checklist & Guide for New Dog Owners" and print it out so you (and your home) are prepared for the arrival of your new puppy or adopted dog. You may need to adjust this guide for your dog's specific needs, abilities. and/or disabilities.

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