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What does it cost to own a dog?

Are you thinking about adopting a dog? But have you considered the costs of owning a dog and what that looks like budget-wise?

You might be asking, “New dog, how much should I budget for?”

Free Dog Ownership Cost Estimator

Download our free estimator sheet to learn about some of the common costs of owning a dog. We get you started with some estimates on the most common essential costs you might need to be prepared for when becoming a pet parent. Our dog ownership costs estimator will help you calculate costs to expect that are monthly recurring costs, annual costs, and initial one-time costs.

How to Budget When Becoming a Dog Owner

Our estimator sheet comes filled in with estimates of common expenses that dog owner might incur so that people who are considering adopting or becoming a dog owner can be better prepared.

Dog Owner Cost Estimator

Download our simple, free dog owner cost estimator to learn:

  • Common monthly recurring costs
  • What you might need to buy when bringing home a new dog
  • Essential products, services, and vet care costs
  • Additional non-essential costs to think about
  • Initial one-time costs that you can incur when getting a dog
  • Average costs food, vet care, & other pet supplies
Get "Dog Ownership Costs Estimator"

Download our "Dog Ownership Costs Estimator" so you are more prepared for the arrival of your new puppy or adopted dog. You may need to adjust this estimator for your locale, personal preferences, budget, dog's specific needs, abilities and/or disabilities.

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