Dog Nutrition

So, what can dogs eat?

It’s all fun and frolic until you realize you’re not just watering a plant, you’re feeding a dog. And there are rules about this stuff. “Never this. Sometimes that. Maybe this…if that.” So exactly what can dogs eat?

A list of Yes/Sometimes/In Moderation/Never posted on the fridge is a quick and easy way for everyone to double-check their good intentions. Download our free checklist for the answer to:

  • What Fruits & Vegetables Can Dogs Eat?
  • What Meats & Dairy Can Dogs Eat?
  • What People Foods Can Dogs Eat?
Get "What Can Dogs Eat" Checklist

Download our "What Can Dogs Eat" checklist and print it out to keep in your kitchen to refer to before giving your dog foods. Always check with your veterinarian first before feeding your dog new foods and adjust this checklist for your dog's specific needs and allergies.

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