40 Halloween Dog Quotes and Captions for Pics of Your Dog’s Costume

halloween dog quotes

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Post an Instagram picture of your dog’s costume with one of our favorite Halloween dog quotes and caption ideas for Halloween-themed pictures of your dog.

Did you find the best Halloween costume for your dog? Are you dressing them up for Halloween and taking pictures of your dog dressed up in their costume to post on Instagram? If you are you’ll need a clever dog-themed Halloween quote or caption to post along with their picture, and we’ve got you covered!

Halloween Dog Quotes and Caption Ideas:

  1. Looking fur-ocious
  2. Looking pawsitively bootiful
  3. Bone to be wild
  4. Ready to pawty
  5. Lets get this pawty started
  6. Howl you doin’?
  7. Paws off my treats, witches
  8. Pup-kin spice and everything nice
  9. Trick or treat yourself to this cuteness
  10. Happy Howl-oween
  11. I never met a pup-kin I didn’t like
  12. Just hanging out with my ghoul friends
  13. I’m so cute it’s scary
  14. No tricks, just treats
  15. Don’t I look fetching?
  16. Point me in the direction of the treats
  17. Come to the bark side
  18. Did somebody say treats?
  19. I am NOT a scaredy-cat. I’m a scaredy dog.
  20. Paws off my candy, witch
  21. Witch way to the treats?
  22. Hand over your candy and no one gets licked
  23. Bone Appetit!
  24. Our matching costumes deserve a round of appawse
  25. Trust me, I’m a dogtor
  26. Love at first bite
  27. Lazy bones
  28. I’m Count Pugula
  29. Happy Howl-idays!
  30. Zero fluffs given
  31. Ruff life being this cute
  32. Wake and slay
  33. Let’s taco bout it (dog dressed up as a taco)
  34. Does this bun make my butt look big?
  35. Ready for the house pawty
  36. A fur-ocious beast
  37. Replacing barks with boos for tonight
  38. Scary and hairy
  39. We were feelin’ pawsh tonight, so we got a little dressed up
  40. Haunt mess

Instagram Post Ideas for Halloween Dog Costume

We’ve also include some examples of Halloween themed graphics to post on Instagram for inspiration. We used Canva to create our Instagram Stories, Reels and other posts.

halloween dog quotes

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